Welcome to Dunlap Hatchery

Dunlap Hatchery has proudly served our customers since 1918.  We are a fourth-generation family-owned poultry farm that believes in hard work, honesty, and quality.

We know poultry and provide over 70 varieties of Chicks, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, and Game Birds, as well as hatching eggs. We raise most of our Breeding stock in-house. Our state-of-the-art hatchery provides us with a capacity of over 600,000 eggs. We annually hatch in excess of two million chicks. Come in for all your poultry needs including feed and supplies. With our experience and knowledge, let Dunlap provide your poultry needs.

We ensure that our birds are healthy upon shipping and guarantee 100% live arrival of poultry you order. We ship to individuals as well as farm stores across the United States. Let us help you make the best purchase for your needs.

How to Prepare for your Chicks Arrival

baby chicks

Choosing your Chicks

Decide what breeds will work best for your needs. Are you looking for eggs, meat production or a little of both? Determine how many and what sex you would like. Place your order. It is that simple. Should you have a question, call us. You will get a real person!

Prepare your Brooder

Be prepared. Chicks have a lot of requirements that must be provided to them. Have your bedding, feeders, waterers, feed, and source of heat set up and ready to go. Always have a thermometer.

Watch them Grow

Properly maintain your birds’ environment. Provide them with clean litter and additional space as they grow. This will ensure a successful poultry experience. Enjoy!

Poultry Quantity Minimums

All poultry is hatched on Tuesday and shipped on Tuesday or Wednesday. To ensure safe shipment, we do not ship less than 25 chicks. You can mix and match Chicks, Ducks, Turkeys, and Guineas to meet your minimum. Pheasants and Chukars require a minimum of 35 for shipping. Bob White Quail require a minimum of 100 and will only be shipped to zones 1-5. For best results, we recommend ordering the following increments.


  • Chicks- 25
  • Ducks- 12
  • Geese- 6
  • Guineas- 25
  • Turkeys- 15
  • Pheasant/ Chukar- 35
  • Bob White Quail- 100

Please call 208-459-9088 to place your mix-matched order.

Dunlap Hatchery’s Happy Customers


Went with some friends to buy some chicks. Very helpful staff with almost all the things you need to start raising chickens. They handled the store very well for the amount of people, and the employees were nice. I would definitely go there again for chicks.

Abigayle C