• Services

    Marek’s Vaccination – .20 Per bird
    Debeaking – .15 Per bird

  • Ordering Information

    Orders may be placed by phone, mail or fax. We are open for phone orders Monday and Wednesday thru Saturday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM MST. We are closed Tuesday for hatching. You may call 208-459-9088 or fax us at 208-455-0665 . We accept Visa, Mastercard or money orders. Personal checks are welcome, but must be received at least 2 weeks prior to shipment. We do not ship COD.

  • Hatching Dates

    Baby chicks – Mid Febuary through June

    Ducks – March through mid June

    Geese – April through May

    Turkeys – March through June

    Gamebirds – Varies, call for availability (April through June)

  • Shipping Information

    We ship all poultry on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on your location. All birds are shipped within 24 hours of hatching. To ensure safe shipment we do not ship fewer than 25 chicks. You can mix and match chicks, ducks, geese, turkeys etc. to meet minimums. Pheasants and Chukars require a minimum of 35 for shipping. Day old Quail are only available via Dunlap delivery truck or store pick up.

  • Shipping and Handling for Equipment and Books

    Shipping and handling is now based on weight and your shipping zone, it is calculated when you check out.

  • Guarantee

    All breeders are pullorum typhoid clean. No warranty of merchantability, health, productivity or fitness for any purpose other than stated is given. Buyer recognizes that numerous environmental conditions and diseases may be contracted at any time affecting the fitness of poultry. We guarantee 100% live arrival on day old chicks. Our sexing guarantee is 90% accuracy on all breeds that we sex. Complaints regarding sexing must be made within 12 weeks after hatching. We will adjust the error on the basis of the difference between the pullet and the cockerel price for the number of cockerels in excess of 10%. At no time will Dunlap be responsible for more than the replacement cost of the original purchase.